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Train-the-trainer Workshops & Training
Consider these suggestions to configure a virtual training lab for instructor-led training in a virtual environment:

(1) Instructor & Host Classroom
Select an instructor and a host classroom environment

(2) Sideris Courseware Textbooks
Purchase a textbook for each student from the Sideris online bookstore

(3) Virtual Server Farm
Follow the Sideris Workshop Setup Guidelines in each textbook to install all the required software on a dedicated server available to the instructor and students. It must have an Internet connection. The textbook states what the environment should be, but it is assumed that the trainers have some resource available that can support the environment the trainers and students are to use. 

In the event that an organization does not have this expertise, or if there are self-study or online learning students who do not have access to a resource, Sideris has made several exhaustive step-by-step guides available which should be consulted when creating the environment.

Some or all of these guides should be consulted from the start: 

(4) Dual Monitors for Each Student
Whether the student will be connecting from home, work, or one of your approved training locations, having two monitors available that are each at least 21” in size will be helpful to the student. In order to effectively duplicate a live training experience, dual monitors are essential:

  • Monitor #1: Classroom Feed - Using software like “Go To Meeting”, each student should connect the first monitor with the class instructor’s broadcast monitor. The instructor may broadcast pages from an eBook version of the textbook accessible from this site.
  • Monitor #2: Lab Feed - The second monitor should be used to connect to the virtual machine server located on your server farm. Each student will have unique sign in credentials to access the labs so that they can control the virtual machine directly.
(5) Broadcast eBooks
Use Sideris eBooks to broadcast virtual training sessions to students who have each purchased their own corresponding Sideris Courseware license.
  • eBooks on PC: The presentation device must be running Microsoft Windows while the lab workstations may use any supported platform, such as Linux, UNIX, or Microsoft Windows. Performa a one-time installation of the free “brava! Reader” tool to access the Windows eBook.
  • Note: Live Classroom Training: If you don’t have Internet access in the classroom: Once the eBook and “brava! Reader” have been installed on the instructor PC, no Internet connection is required. Use the eBook to display the textbook contents in support of the instructor lectures.