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Oracle BI 11g: Create Analyses & Dashboards (2 day)


This textbook offers an exhaustive, step-by-step guide through the powerful features of the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) product suite. One will learn the concepts, methods and techniques for building sophisticated data analytic modules. Analytic results are then organized into interactive dashboards. A solid foundation is laid for one to progress onto the latest and most advanced data analytic capabilities.


The target audience for this course is any business professional seeking to analyze enterprise-wide or departmental information collected into an organization data warehouse. Among those for whom this course might be particularly useful would be: Data architects; Data warehouse administrators and analysts; Business analysts; Financial managers; Market research professionals; Human resource managers; Procurement and vendor management professionals; Field representatives; Business development managers


It is assumed that you have access to a valid installation of the Oracle WebLogic Server and a deployment of the Oracle BI Server. Therefore, it is a mandatory prerequisite that this environment be configured in advance. A step-by-step guide to creating such an installation along with overview information about the technical architecture which supports these platforms is provided in the Sideris textbook

Advanced or power users who may not be responsible for the actual installation but who are interested in Oracle BI architecture and administration topics may consider that textbook to be an optional prerequisite.

Otherwise, a general working knowledge of desktop business software and the use of web-based services via a browser are the only mandatory technical prerequisites.

eTextbook Available

See the list of related eTextbook items for an electronic version of this textbook.


The following specific topics are included in this guide book:
• Background discussion of data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and data analytics presented in a form that business professionals can readily understand.
• Background concepts regarding logical data models, star schema and snowflake schema warehouse models.
• How to build analytical models using fact tables, dimensions, dimension hierarchies, cubes, measures and other multidimensional data model objects.
• Use interactive Dashboards to analyze data, uncover trends and make strategic business decisions.
• Export BI results to productivity software such as Microsoft Office or other external systems.
• Design customized Dashboards to reflect an individual's role, perspective or business interest.
• Creating data analyses and dynamically interact with results produced from Oracle BI.
• Format analyses using sorts, filters and prompts.
• Format column output, subtotaling, customization of column properties and transforming column data using formulas.
• Create results with compound layouts, including views such as tabular, chart, pivot table, gauge and others.
• Manage content, permissions and access within the Presentation Catalog.

This textbook includes dozens of learning exercises, with detailed point-and-click solutions also provided.

Download PDF outline here!

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